Monday October 18 , 2021

Visual Condition Reporting

A full electrical inspection and report is a comprehensive analysis of the state of an electrical installation and contains test results as well recommendations for necessary improvements.

visual-condition-reportIn the event that a full electrical report is deemed unnecessary Long’s Electrical can provide a Visual Condition Report (VCR) as an alternative. Often an Electrical Visual Condition Report is sufficient to determine, as far as is reasonably practicable, whether an electrical installation has suffered any damage or deterioration or has any visually-evident defects that may affect safety.

The report is carried out in accordance with the requirements of BS7671 relating to visual inspection. It is not claimed that a Visual Condition Report will fully determine whether an installation is safe for continued use and it does not include items that can only be checked with test instruments.

The Visual Condition Report is, as the name suggests, a visual inspection but a certain amount of dismantling will be undertaken, usually to inspect the condition of cables within the consumer unit, and behind switch plates and sockets to inspect for signs of deterioration, damage or overheating etc.

Where an installation is found to be unsatisfactory a full inspection and test is the recommended course of action. Credit for the work already undertaken on the Visual Condition Report will be offset against the Full Inspection Report compiled by Long’s Electrical.

If you are unsure which report best suits your needs please contact us for advice today.