Wednesday September 29 , 2021

Fire Alarms

The threat of fire exists in every room of your business, from frayed wires to malfunctions in office equipment or heavy machinery.  In a matter of seconds, fire can consume a room and spread quickly throughout commercial premises.

commercial-fire-alarmsUK fire safety legislation requires that adequate means for the detection and warning of fire must be provided in all workplaces and other commercial premises. The design, installation and commissioning of a fire detection system for commercial premises must be carried out by a specialist electrical contractor and each phase must be certified in accordance with UK fire safety regulations.

Long’s Electrical have many years experience in designing, installing and commissioning commercial fire alarm systems. We understand that businesses differ in their fire detection requirements; therefore, we tailor our commercial fire alarm systems to the individual business, taking into account the building size, the occupant level, and the specific protection needs of our clients. From fire-proof cabling, to smoke-detection devices, manual call points and fire alarm sounders, we will install and programme the entire system with expert care and attention.

Good fire safety practices extend beyond the initial installation of a fire alarm system. Systems require regular testing and maintenance. It must be remembered that successful commercial fire alarm protection and the limiting of losses as a result of fire relies on the early detection of a developing fire, which in turn allows for the swift and safe evacuation of the building’s occupants along with alerting the emergency services.

Additionally, under the current UK fire legislation (Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007), companies that do not adhere to the required standards relating to the installation and subsequent maintenance of their fire prevention systems may find themselves facing prosecution in the event that lives are lost as a result of fire.

To ensure the safety of your employees as well as your business premises, contact Long’s Electrical Contractors, trusted experts in commercial fire prevention.